Mom Life

Mom Life

Hello beautiful people.  I decided, as my first blog post EVER, i would get everything out on the table about myself, so that down the line, what I am about to candidly reveal to you, will be buried under much cooler, less embarrassing topics.  I am hoping that this blog can be a go-to source for information, for dialogue, and a safe space to talk about the beauties and the “beasts” of motherhood, fitness struggles, and overall health and wellness. 

My name is Arienne. I am a 29 year old, first time mother, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and fitness enthusiast. A few months ago, I quit my comfortable job in an outpatient orthopedic setting, working with olympic and professional athletes… because working full time (and beyond) and then coming home to my baby, already asleep in bed, was not the life that I wanted. I was missing too many milestones, and lets face it… All this “stuff” only happens once.

I have now taken a part-time per diem role, still working with athletes, and have started taking private clients on my own (hooray to being your own boss!).  In doing so, I have met a barrage of women and moms, much like myself, that have questions, concerns, and stories about how their bodies have changed since bearing children.


I am here to tell you that you are not alone!

Let me just get the most embarrassing confession out of the way first.

Confession # 1: My daughter is almost 14 months old, and I STILL pee my pants from time to time. (*insert palm to face here*). I AM A PHYSICAL THERAPIST. I DID KEGEL EXERCISES MY ENTIRE PREGNANCY. WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING!? Guess what, ladies?  If this is happening to you too, you are normal! (please, someone validate me, and tell me you are still dealing with this too!).  Everybody told me (except, maybe my mother) that as long as I did kegel’s, I would be just fine. My physical therapy courses talked about pelvic floor strengthening and women’s health. I did my homework. When my daughter was 2 months, I was ok with it, knowing my body hadn’t fully recovered.  Since I have started working out again, and focusing more on my inner core strength, I have noticed considerable improvements, but lets be honest, how many of the baby books, mother friends, and women at the grocery store, told you what you REALLY might be up against post-baby?

Confession # 2:  What are abs? How do I “turn them on”?  Not to toot my own horn, but I was the queen of six packs pre-baby. I used to get flustered when I would ask a patient to engage their core and they couldn’t. It was such an easy concept for me, UNTIL I HAD A BABY.  For at least the first six months, I would stare at my stomach, willing it to “flex”, and it would just stay where it was. I had to re-learn my body, and start working at the very things that used to come so naturally to me.

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My goal, is to be able to help as many women as possible, face the challenges of having a body, that after all these years, feels like a stranger.

So, please, tell me your stories, give me ideas, let me know what it is that you want to talk about, discuss, and learn about, so that together, we can help each other navigate the sometimes stormy waters of motherhood.