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In a very sedentary society, movement is medicine.  Dr. Arienne is well versed in orthopedic injuries and addresses both chronic and acute pain, pre and post surgical rehab, and conservative (non-surgical) management of injuries.  If you have shoulder, back, or hip pain, or you struggle with limited mobility and tightness that causes constant aches and pains, Dr. Arienne can help you move better, get stronger, and meet your functional goals.

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Women’s Health

The field of Women’s Health has fallen behind the times, as our population of women has become more invested in their physical health and fitness levels than ever before. Dr. Arienne has made it her mission to empower and educate women about the changes their bodies go through during pregnancy and the postpartum period, and teach them how to reconnect and restore their core foundation so they can return to their desired fitness levels safely and with better long term results.

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In the orthopedic realm, there is a lot of carry over between physical therapy and personal training, especially as clients enter the final phases of their rehabilitation goals. Dr. Arienne Wrigley can tailor personalized training programs for existing physical therapy clients as they begin their transition, or design programs for those who are functioning at their best and looking to take their fitness to the next level. A musculoskeletal evaluation and movement screen will help to determine areas of focus and programs will be individualized based on client goals and Dr. Wrigley’s movement assessment.

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Pre-natal & Post-Partum CLASSES & WORKSHOPS

If you are interested in prenatal or postpartum physical therapy and proactively addressing your health concerns, Dr. Arienne Wrigley can help you. She will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to help decrease any pregnancy-related pain as well as help treat other ailments you may have that are associated with your pregnancy or childbirth.

Whether you are a mother, unable to “turn on” your core and pelvic floor muscles, a business person with chronic back pain, or an athlete with a torn ACL, I can help! Don’t allow the idea of “living with it” prevent you from living your fullest and best life.

About Me

I am a mother, physical therapist, athletic trainer and student of life, living in Miami, Florida. I graduated with honors from University of Pittsburgh in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, and in 2015, earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida International University.  I have worked with orthopedic conditions, athletes of all ages and levels, including Olympic sports, collegiate level sports, and professional sports, and in recent years, have turned my focus to pelvic health in relation to the active prenatal and postpartum person, female athlete, and more. I am avid about treating movements and correcting imbalances to provide my patients with a better quality of life…

Pre-Natal & Post-Partum Support

If you are interested in prenatal or postpartum physical therapy and proactively addressing your health concerns, Dr. Arienne Wrigley can help you. With the prenatal client, she will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to help decrease any pregnancy-related pain, and/or can work with you proactively to minimize and prevent pregnancy aches and pains, modify your fitness routine, and prepare your body for labor and birth.  In the postpartum client, Dr. Arienne can assist you in healing your core and pelvic floor, safely returning to your fitness routine, and addressing any issues that may be associated with your pregnancy or childbirth.  

“I cannot recommend Arienne enough! I went to her after 4 c-sections looking to build core strength and control. Not only is her knowledge of the body impressive, but so is her caring spirit! It is always a blast to workout with her. I am so grateful for her expertise, passion for learning and enthusiasm to connect personally. She is an awesome coach — smart, enthusiastic, fun and challenging.”

– Mary Vollono Riley

“Arienne is awesome! I had injured my hamstring twice during ice hockey last year so I finally decided to get treatment for it and was highly recommended to see her. She not only treated me for this injury but wanted to make sure that I understood what happened and how to prevent it from happening again through proper stretching before and after activities. We then went on into the rehabilitation stage which made me much stronger on and off the ice. She knows how to target and gives proper feedback. I continue to see Arienne as I had benefited greatly and as the previous post mentioned like a concierge service. I also like seeing Arienne for post recovery days after my hockey games, the pro athletes have them why not me. ? Thank you, Arienne!!"

“I went to my first session with Dr. Wrigley for hip and back tightness , and within one session I felt SO MUCH BETTER.She did soft tissue work corrective exercises and stretches. Already scheduled my next couple sessions. THANK YOU ARIENNE"

– Engels Silfa

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Every Mother Counts

As a woman, physical therapy healthcare provider, and mother with a goal of empowering other women, Every Mother Counts is a nonprofit organization that helps mothers access the healthcare that they need. The UNITED STATES has higher maternal death rates than 45 other countries. 50% of every donation made goes to Every Mother Counts. The other 50% allows new moms to access courses and one on one sessions for a free or a reduced cost, depending on income.



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