I help people eliminate pain and dysfunction from sex, exercise, pregnancy, and postpartum, and set them up with the tools to create strength and resiliency for life.

“Arienne not only improved my diastasis recti after my pregnancies, she FIXED it!!! I visited three physical therapists before finding her. She knows what she's doing, has a strong background on postpartum issues, and she has all the patience in the world to explain everything to you. She's the best, hands down! I'm very grateful for everything she taught me. Thank you so much!"

– Roberta Plut

“I cannot recommend Arienne enough! I went to her after 4 c-sections looking to build core strength and control. Not only is her knowledge of the body impressive, but so is her caring spirit! It is always a blast to workout with her. I am so grateful for her expertise, passion for learning and enthusiasm to connect personally. She is an awesome coach — smart, enthusiastic, fun and challenging.”

– Mary Vollono Riley

"Arienne is an excellent physical therapist. She helped me through my pregnancy and was invaluable to me in the postpartum period. She supported me through a pubic symphysis disfunction starting at 22 weeks and after giving birth to a huge baby boy she literally helped me put my body back together. She's extremely knowledgeable and I feel I am in completely trustworthy hands with her. She is friendly and compassionate and I love working with a fellow mom. Such a superb healthcare provider! Strongly, strongly recommend!"

– Elizabeth Wallace



– Pre and post-surgical rehab
– Rotator cuff and labral tears of the       shoulder
– Hip Pain and injury
– Back pain, disc herniations, spinal       stenosis
– Knee Pain
– Ankle Pain
– Foot injuries



–  Prenatal pelvic floor and birth               preparation
–  Postpartum Support
–  Pelvic Pain
–  Diastasis Recti
–  Urinary leakage 
–  Fecal Leakage/Smearing
–  Pelvic organ prolapse
–  Pain with sex, tampon or                        menstrual cup insertion or with            pelvic exams 
–  Endometriosis
–  Tailbone Pain (coccydynia)
–  Core and/or pelvic floor weakness
–  Return to running and safe                     transition to exercise! 




Are you too busy to make it to the clinic? Would you prefer to be treated from the comfort of your own home?

Dr. Arienne offers convenient in-home evaluations and personalized treatment sessions. Say goodbye to traffic and waiting rooms, and say hello to top-notch care in the comfort of your own space.

Dr. Arienne can also provide in-home personal training services, ensuring you achieve your health and fitness goals. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of concierge physical therapy services today.


Pre-natal & Post-Partum

If you are interested in prenatal or postpartum physical therapy and proactively addressing your health concerns, Dr. Arienne Wrigley can help you. She will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to help decrease any pregnancy-related pain as well as help treat other ailments you may have that are associated with your pregnancy or childbirth.

From leaking when you laugh, bulging when you lift weights, to pain with intercourse and exercise, or general weakness and disconnection of the core or pelvic floor during pregnancy, after childbirth, or in any phase of life – I can help! Don’t allow the idea of “living with it” prevent you from living your fullest and best life.

About Me

I am a mother, physical therapist, athletic trainer and student of life, living in Miami, Florida. I graduated with honors from University of Pittsburgh in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, and in 2015, earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida International University.  I have worked with orthopedic conditions, athletes of all ages and levels, including Olympic sports, collegiate level sports, and professional sports, and in recent years, have turned my focus to pelvic health in relation to the active prenatal and postpartum person, female athlete, and more. I am avid about treating movements and correcting imbalances to provide my patients with a better quality of life…

One-on-One treatment sessions, designed specifically for YOU.


With Dr. Arienne, you can address the WHOLE body, and not just one part.


Looking to get back to doing the things you love?

Dr. Arienne bridges the gap between connection and function.


Pre-Natal & Post-Partum Support

If you are interested in prenatal or postpartum physical therapy and proactively addressing your health concerns, Dr. Arienne Wrigley can help you. With the prenatal client, she will work with you to create a customized treatment plan to help decrease any pregnancy-related pain, and/or can work with you proactively to minimize and prevent pregnancy aches and pains, modify your fitness routine, and prepare your body for labor and birth.  In the postpartum client, Dr. Arienne can assist you in healing your core and pelvic floor, safely returning to your fitness routine, and addressing any issues that may be associated with your pregnancy or childbirth.  

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