Overview of Services

In addition to helping clients regain strength, mobility, and range of motion, Dr. Arienne utilizes some of the below:

Dry needling

Manual Therapy

Joint Mobilizations/manipulations

Graston techniques



Orthopedics || SPORTS injuries

In a very sedentary society, Dr. Wrigley understands that movement is medicine, and aims to provide the highest quality of care and education to her clients in order to help them meet their functional goals. She is well versed in orthopedic injuries and addresses both chronic and acute pain, pre and post surgical rehab, and conservative (non-surgical) management of injuries. If you have shoulder, back, or hip pain, or you struggle with limited mobility and tightness that causes constant aches and pains, she can help you move better, get stronger, and meet your functional goals.

Dr. Wrigley has experience treating:

  • Pre and Post Surgical conditions

  • Neck / back pain (sciatica / disc herniations)

  • Shoulder / wrist / hand injuries

  • Hip pain or injury

  • Knee / ankle / foot injuryies


In the orthopedic realm, there is a lot of carry over between physical therapy and personal training, especially as clients enter the final phases of their rehabilitation goals. Dr. Wrigley can tailor personalized training programs for existing physical therapy clients as they begin their transition, or design programs for those who are functioning at their best and looking to take their fitness to the next level. A musculoskeletal evaluation and movement screen will help to determine areas of focus and programs will be individualized based on client goals and Dr. Wrigley’s movement assessment.


The field of Women’s Health has fallen behind the times, as our population of women has become more invested in their physical health and fitness levels then ever before. More and more women are shedding post-baby pounds by joining their local gyms, boot camps, HIIT classes, and weight training groups, and with that, comes increased risk of injury or exacerbation of postpartum issues of which they may not even be aware. Dr. Wrigley has made it her mission to empower and educate women about the changes their bodies go through, and teach them how to reconnect and restore their core foundation so they can return to their desired fitness levels safely and with better long term results.


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