My Story

Hi, I’m Dr. Arienne Wrigley Ashby!

I am a mother, physical therapist, athletic trainer and student of life, living in Miami, Florida. I graduated with honors from University of Pittsburgh in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine, and in 2015, earned my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida International University.  I have worked with orthopedic conditions, athletes of all ages and levels, including Olympic sports, collegiate level sports, and professional sports, and in the last 6 years, have honed in on treating pelvic health clients in relation to the prenatal and postpartum period, sexual function, and fitness. I am avid about treating movements and correcting imbalances to provide my patients with a better quality of life.

After giving birth to my first daughter in 2016, I came face to face with the void that is present in our healthcare system when it comes to women’s health topics.  As a physical therapist, fitness enthusiast, and mother, I found a purpose that was deeply personal to me, as I invested time, energy and expenses into rehabilitating my OWN core and pelvic floor. Since then, it has become my mission to help women get in tune with their bodies, reconnect on a neuromuscular level, and heal themselves in a way that allows them to optimize their function and their fitness levels. In this calling, I get the opportunity to educate, empower, and fill that void in our healthcare system, by providing care that bridges the gap between basic core and pelvic floor function, and return to fitness and function.

Whether you are a mother, unable to “turn on” your core or pelvic floor muscles, a business man/woman with chronic back pain, or an athlete with a torn ACL, I can help! Don’t allow the idea of “living with it” prevent you from living your fullest and best life.

Watch here for a conversation about all things pelvic health, and the role of Physical Therapy in pregnancy, postpartum, and for those with issues like peeing when you laugh/jump/sneeze, feelings of heaviness, core dysfunction, and pain and discomfort during sex.