5 Reasons Why That Online Program May Not be for YOU

It’s OK. They’re Not for Me, Either.

How many online programs have you purchased, thinking “oh look, this is half price today… I will totally follow this program and get my desired results in 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 12 weeks, etc”. How many times have you hit “complete purchase”, and never followed through? Maybe you loved it but just “didn’t have the time”, maybe you hated it and couldn’t understand anything they were teaching you; maybe you just got lazy and didn’t feel like tuning in and following through.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Some of us are GREAT at holding ourselves accountable, and these programs can do wonders for those of us that are. Online programs CAN BE AMAZING! They are convenient, they are usually the more affordable option, and the information is there for you whenever you have a moment to log in. A lot of programs nowadays have email blasts for accountability, and different options that work “best for you”…. so WHY, do I have clients, ALL THE TIME, telling me that they bought an online program, did the first workout, the first meal plan, or the first days activity, and they haven’t done it since? And now, they are knocking on my door, saying “I haven’t hit my goals” or “it’s not working” and “I need help”. Do any of the reasons below resonate with you?

5. YOU’RE OVERWHELMED – you open up a 12 week program and dive into Day 1, Week 1, and then you hit a wall because the information is overwhelming and/or confusing. Your first day is NOT EASY, and you are having trouble following the exercises, so you have to stop and restart, and rest more frequently, or rewind and try again, and that can be overwhelming! (and the point was to save time, not spend 3 hours trying to complete a 30 min workout)

4. YOU GET BORED – You are lying on the floor of your office, bedroom, or maybe kitchen, watching your computer or your TV screen, BY YOURSELF, and in about 3 seconds, your focus has shifted to the dust that is caked on your baseboards. Tell me what is so exciting about this visual? THAT, OR, instead of being overwhelmed and confused, you start pumping through the program and find that it’s actually a bit underwhelming for you – AND you signed up for the advanced version *gasp*. These programs are designed to help large demographics of people, and oftentimes, exercises get watered down or oversimplified to meet the needs of the majority of consumers. Which is GREAT for some people, but not necessarily for YOU. So you lose interest and let it fall by the wayside, because afterall, you only paid $15.99.


– There is laundry, and cooking, and cleaning, and the dog needs to be walked and fed, and the KIDS; The kids are jumping on you for the 5th time since you started this program, and you are only on session 2! So you lie on your yoga mat, thinking to yourself “IS THIS EVEN WORTH IT?!”, “WILL I EVER GET A MOMENT OF PEACE AND QUIET”, and then, “THE BED LOOKS MUCH MORE APPEALING THAN THIS YOGA MAT” – and next thing you know, you are hiding under your covers, hoping your kids won’t find you, and the dog will feed himself. The laundry? That can wait too.

2. YOU NEED REAL SUPPORT – It”s hard. and you’ve taken the time to be consistent, despite the distractions, despite being overwhelmed, despite not being sure that you are even doing this stuff correctly, but you aren’t seeing the results that you were hoping for 5 weeks in. Sometimes you just need someone to light the fire under your butt, or to guide you, to make sure you are on the right track and to support you throughout your journey. This not only helps you physically, but mentally as well. Having someone else to help hold us accountable and push us to be our best selves is hugely motivating, and helpful! This is why people pay premiums for personal trainers, one-on-one yoga/pilates, etc.


– lets face it. I don’t know of ONE online program out there that is offering you truly individual help, troubleshooting,etc. Even the most meticulously planned programs for different body types, different goals, different ages, etc, are not always individualized enough for you. As we know, your body is UNIQUE, and different, and the cueing that you need, the guidance, and sometimes, the exercises that you need, are different from what someone else may need. Quality of movement is paramount, and if we are failing to perform exercises the way they are meant to be performed, we limit its effectiveness, we limit our potential, and we risk the possibility of injury.

Online programs give us access, availability, convenience, and the price point all of us love. But sometimes, when it comes to the investments that we make in ourselves, our health, nutrition, and physique, paying a bit more for the VALUE of a truly individualized program is 100% worth every single penny. Sometime’s, you require a program that is tailored to your needs and goals, that comes along with a REAL person to guide you, cue you, correct your form, and make sure that you are achieving your nutritional, fitness, or therapeutic goals. These real people come with real evaluative skills, and are able to consistently gauge progress and adjust your program as needed. These real sessions also take you out of your house, away from distractions, where you have time to focus 100% on the task at hand. There is accountability, focus, encouragement, and real investment of time, energy and money….and frankly, if we are being honest… we always VALUE the things that we must invest more into. So if you are having trouble with that online program that you purchased last year, last month, or last week, and it’s not helping you achieve the results you are looking for, maybe it’s time to reach out to someone that can truly help you become the best version of you!

What has your experience been with online programs? Do you have a program that you swear by? Do you find that you are able to hold yourself accountable and be as consistent as you’d like to be, or do you feel that you WANT that consistency, but when you face the facts, it’s just not happening for you? Comment below and share your stories!